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AutoRule Technology | Integrated Supply Chain Technologies
Reduce duplication by typically more than 80%

Collaboration and dynamic real-time transportation significantly reduce duplication.

Increase efficiency and profitability

Reduced duplication increases efficiency which drives profitability.

Generate 40% extra time per day

Generate additional resource time by eliminating the duplication of tasks.

Increase handling capacity by up to 20%

Optimisation of complex transportation processes saves time and frees up resources to load and unload more vehicles.

Maximise resource optimisation

Steady, planned distribution of inbound vehicles – resources and goods can be made ready at the right time.

Shorten loading/ unloading times

Loading and unloading appointments can be fine-tuned to speed up processes and handling times.

Reduce vehicle wait times by up to 40%

When actual real-time vehicle arrivals are understood this prevents traffic congestion and optimises resources at suppliers and customer facilities.

Penalty and demurrage charges

Reducing vehicle wait times and optimising resource can drastically reduce penalty and demurrage charges.

Audit and security

TMS is a digitally archived process that meets your audit requirements and significantly improves suppler, carrier and customer security.


TMS Advantage | AutoRule Technology

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WHY auto rule TMS?

Collaboration Platform

AutoRule technologies use real-time vehicle and resource data in collaboration with all supply chain partners (suppliers, carriers, and customers) to create a complete real-time picture of the transportation in value chain. AutoRule’s integrated cloud-based platform powerfully enables both cross-functional and horizontal collaboration across the complete transportation logistics ecosystem, connecting carriers with suppliers and customers to ensure seamless sourcing, multi-mode and multi-leg planning, optimisation, execution, settlement, and analysis of all transportation activities.

Pay-as-you-Go Pricing

AutoRule’s easy ‘Pay-as-you-Go” pricing model enables you to deploy and scale up or down at your own pace. Easily expand and change your transportation logistics management system capabilities exactly aligned with the demands of your suppliers, carriers and customer.

Mobile App and Core Systems combination

AutoRule technology combines the power of collaborative online transportation scheduling with our unique mobile app technology used by drivers. Drivers are given loading/unloading task as a schedule through the mobile app, and in parallel the mobile app also acts as a GPS tracker, security token, translation device and data capture scanning device.

Modular flexibility

AutoRule modular technologies address the varying levels of transportation logistics business requirements. Modular technology allows organisations the flexibility as to their pace of adoption, with optional bolt-on technologies such as automated facility entry/exit security, transportation data capture, on facility location tracking and facility heat maps, the choice is yours.

Exceptional ROI

Underpinned by our progressive Pay-as-you-Go pricing model and SaaS deployment strategy, means that AutoRule really does deliver quick deployment, low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and an exceptional ROI.

Ultra-secure, Ultra-scalability, Ultra-availability

AutoRule technologies are constructed within the Microsoft Azzure ultra secure cloud providing exceptional Corporate Enterprise grade security, dynamic scalability, rock-solid availability, and bullet-proof data backup. Our SaaS strategy give you the agility, flexibility and scalability required to improve responsiveness to changing market conditions to compete in a global economy.


More and more, companies are setting environmental sustainability goals for their transportation logistics operations in an effort to reduce their environmental impact, with supply chain collaboration technologies at the forefront by delivering genuine operational efficiencies and a consequential reduction in carbon footprint. AutoRule, great on efficiency and good for the planet too.

API Integrations

AutoRule’s API (Application Programmable Interface) provides secure interconnection between your exiting ERP/YMS systems providing the end-to-end workflow connectivity for to complete the logistics ecosystem.

Integrated technology & service wrap

AutoRule is a service offering driven by technology and not simply just more technology. Technology with integrated service really bring the possibilities to life, it provides assurance, and it engenders differential uptake; as users, drivers, suppliers, carriers, and customers alike always know that we are there to help and support the business.